Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Elder Scrolls Online, The Next Big MMO?

Elder scrolls online, perhaps the next biggest MMO of "Next-gen Gaming". Gamers all over the world are sitting on the very edge of their seats to hear more about this game! With their successful launch of numerous single player roleplay games (Such as the most recent hit, Skyrim), ESO already has an enormous fanbase!

What exactly makes a good MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online Game)? Games get released and then die down within weeks after launch, why is that? As a long time MMO player myself, I would say the biggest aspect of sustaining an MMO would be endgame content and the long rich history.! If you have to pay monthly for a game, there has to be enough content for each individual player to have something to do month after month, and get their money's worth!

World of Warcraft did a great job on this, with their introduction on the concept of "Dailys" or daily quests. This, along with endgame raids and pvp (Player vs player) is what made World of Warcraft so big! So will Elder Scrolls Online wise up and recreate the legacy? Games such as the new Final Fantasy or Star Wars MMO created amazing looking games with great early gameplay, but as soon as the players hit maximum level, they eventually got bored and quit!

Personally, I believe ESO will be a huge success! Their initial fanbase attracts the demographic who has most likely never played an MMO, which is absolutely huge! Your very first MMO experience is definitely one to be remembered, and with the stunning graphics and innovative gameplay seen in the gameplay footage, this game is sure to leave a mark. Maybe this game will expand the rmt market like never before. That being said, I just hope ESO will hurry up and approve my beta request so I can start playing this beautiful game!

What do you guys think?   

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