Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Elder Scrolls Online, The Next Big MMO?

Elder scrolls online, perhaps the next biggest MMO of "Next-gen Gaming". Gamers all over the world are sitting on the very edge of their seats to hear more about this game! With their successful launch of numerous single player roleplay games (Such as the most recent hit, Skyrim), ESO already has an enormous fanbase!

What exactly makes a good MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online Game)? Games get released and then die down within weeks after launch, why is that? As a long time MMO player myself, I would say the biggest aspect of sustaining an MMO would be endgame content and the long rich history.! If you have to pay monthly for a game, there has to be enough content for each individual player to have something to do month after month, and get their money's worth!

World of Warcraft did a great job on this, with their introduction on the concept of "Dailys" or daily quests. This, along with endgame raids and pvp (Player vs player) is what made World of Warcraft so big! So will Elder Scrolls Online wise up and recreate the legacy? Games such as the new Final Fantasy or Star Wars MMO created amazing looking games with great early gameplay, but as soon as the players hit maximum level, they eventually got bored and quit!

Personally, I believe ESO will be a huge success! Their initial fanbase attracts the demographic who has most likely never played an MMO, which is absolutely huge! Your very first MMO experience is definitely one to be remembered, and with the stunning graphics and innovative gameplay seen in the gameplay footage, this game is sure to leave a mark. Maybe this game will expand the rmt market like never before. That being said, I just hope ESO will hurry up and approve my beta request so I can start playing this beautiful game!

What do you guys think?   

Friday, March 8, 2013

10 Reasons To Keep You TWO Eyes Closely on the Elder Scrolls Online

In this article I will be talking about top 10 reasons why you guys should be interested in playing the Elder Scrolls Online. I’m a huge Elder Scrolls fan and I thought this would be a pretty interesting thing to talk about. Keep in mind, not much info is being released yet, so there’s still a lot more information to come. All of what I’m going to say is fact and confirmed. A lot of the stuff you guys are going to be hearing isn’t actually my personal opinion, it’s just more what’s being released by trailers and interviews, and the Top 10 things that I’m excited for. Anyway, let’s get started.

Number 10: Endgame Content

One of the lead designers here at Elder Scrolls Online actually said that they’re going to have a lot of endgame content, and I’m really excited for that. They said they’re going to be really focusing on endgame content as quite a priority for them because of the great history in the Elder Scrolls Onlne. In terms of PvP; PvP is going to be bigger than ever, they said, and raiding. It’s the type of stuff we are used to seeing, PvP and raiding, but they really want to make it quite a prominent part of Elder Scrolls Online. That’s definitely an interesting thing to consider.

Number 9: Storyline

This is something that I can’t really talk about too much because the developers haven’t said much about this, at all. They did say, and this is just a quote from one of them: “It’s a story of your own.” That really makes me wonder how the game’s going to play even though it’s an MMO. We’re all very used to playing Elder Scroll’s games in an RPG form, but trying to make a storyline out of an MMO might not be too easy for them. They did say that they’re going to try to make 2 different ways of playing through the games. They want it to be very based around playing with friends and a very social game. With that said, you can play through the storyline, and when you do, generally, you won’t be playing with friends. They did want to add the whole storyline part into it, but they didn’t want make it too involved and too easy to play with your mates.

Number 8: Production Value

For Number 8; this is something a lot of people probably don’t really think about at all, especially when purchasing a game, but that is the production value. We do know Bethesda are quite far behind this game, but ZeniMax are making it and they are basing it a lot of their things on what Bethesda want. We know that Skyrim was an amazing game, we know the whole Elder Scrolls series was amazing, we know that Fallout was amazing, which Bethesda made.
We do know that Bethesda can make great games and we know that this game’s been in production since 2007. I feel as if for the last 5 years, I really should have known about this. It’s good in a way because we haven’t had to wait so long. It definitely is an exciting thing to think about; the guys who are making it, the guys who are behind it, and they really know what they’re doing.

Number 7: Visual

At Number 7 is something that is very interesting which is the visual. The main thing I wanted to speak about is this UI thing they’ve added into the game. What they wanted it to be was a more free game where you can explore more and feel as though you’re, as I said, more free so you can explore the world and look out. At the moment, I am excited to see how it’s going to look because we do know that Skyrim was a very beautiful-looking game. Also Morrowind and Fallout; all those games were very good-looking games. I’m definitely excited to see how the game looks visually.

Number 6: Skills

Coming in at Number 6 is the skills. Game developers talked about them in interviews how they really wanted to change the skills and make them a little bit more personal. What they’ve done is that they’ve made it so that you only have a very limited number of skills, and you can slot in skills for how you want to play the game. You can choose between any skills you want including racial skills.They’re making it so that every class can have different skill slots. They said that your skills get better as you use them, so the more you use your skills, the better they get and all characters can use all weapons. That’s definitely something to look out for, because they did mention in particular that if I was a sorcerer I could use a bow and arrow.

Number 5: Classes

The next thing that I’m really excited for is the actual classes. We haven’t heard too much about this at all at the moment, but they did mention, and we have seen a little trailer of this, is just the amount of customization that there will be in the game, and just how good the classes, especially ESO Templar and ESO Dragonknight, look. We do know that in previous Elder Scrolls games you could choose not necessarily a class, but a spec; a way of customizing your specific character. They did mention that there will be a lot of customization to the game and they said that each class is very different and they play out very differently. You can really change your class to the way you want it, you can really personalize it to the way you want it. That’s, once again, another really exciting thing to look out for.

Number 4: World

At Number 4 is the actual world itself. This is pretty amazing. That was actual the first thing that really caught my eye when looking through the trailer and the interviews. They did mention that the whole entire continent of Tamriel is playable. I sound like such a nerd when I say all this. They said that the whole entire continent of the Tamriel is playable. That includes Skyrim and Morrowind, and all those awesome places that we all know and love. All those places are going to be just little parts of this huge world. There’s going to be a lot of areas to explore and cover through. There’s going to be a lot of land, a lot of different places to go to.

Number 3: Races

End each race starts at a different zone, which leads me to my next point, which is races. ZeniMax have said about races isn’t much, but what I can tell you as a fact is that there will be 3 different factions to choose from. We don’t exactly know exactly what that means. With World of Warcraft, there was Horde and Alliance, which meant that with PvP it was Horde against Alliance. The fact that there is 3 factions in The Elder Scrolls Online makes me wonder how it’s going to work in terms of PVP, and how all that is going to work, It doesn’t mean that certain different races that we all know from previous Elder Scrolls games, like Orcs, Redguards, and Elves; they’re all going to be on different factions. There will be a lot of replay value you can just tell straight from what I’ve said, because there’s different ways of playing through the game; different races and classes, and different combinations you can play. That’s definitely something to look out for.

Number 2: Combat

Coming in at Number 2 spot is the combat. This is something they’ve really mentioned a lot and they’ve really tried to talk about it. With Elder Scrolls Online, they have added real-time combat, which means they wanted to make it more of an open combat game so you can move around. Your characters block, and blocking is definitely an important thing. “Attack and cast spells like a traditional third-person fantasy game” . . . this is a quote, “Giving high hopes for this entry in the franchise.” That’s what someone said about this game. What they’ve added is blocks, and you can really play in a more tactical matter than a lot of MMOs. I’m definitely excited for that.
Another great thing about the combat is that you actually get rewarded for helping people out, like in Guild Wars 2. If someone is getting killed by certain things in the world, you can basically jump in help him out; you’ll get heaps of XP for that, just for helping me out. That’s a really nice thing to add into the combat.

Number 1: The Adaptive Quest

To Number 1. The Number 1 spot I’ve decided to put was the adaptive quest. this is something that I’ve wanted in a lot of MMOs, and Guild Wars 2 was really the first MMO to properly introduce this. This means that you can actively explore and just walk around the whole continent of Tamriel. The whole continent of Tamriel and just do quests as you want. You don’t have to grind any quests. What you do has a noticeable impact on the game, and they also said that there’s going to be a lot of exploration in the game and there’s going to be moral choices added into the game.
This the Top 10 things that I’m personally most excited for Elder Scrolls Online. My personal thoughts about this game is I think it’s going to be great. Bethesda haven’t disappointed us with any game they’ve released yet. ZeniMax are they aren’t too well-known, so we’ll have to see how they go. I’ve personally always wanted an Elder Scrolls MMO. A lot of people have been talking about World of Warcraft and saying this game is just going to be another WoW clone. Bethesda have proven they can make good RPG games, but my question to you guys can they make a good MMO?